Travel Guide:Iceland // Blue lagoon

The blue lagoon is what first intrigued me about Iceland. I was seeing magical posts about this steamy blue geothermal pool and I knew I  had to get there and see it for myself! I did endless research, and quickly discovered two things.

 Number 1, for the love of everything don't get your hair wet unless you have oodles and oodles of conditioner in it. I stayed clear of any potential hair catastrophe altogether and just kept my hair clear of the water. Number 2, I discovered there was a rumor you have to shower naked before entering the pool. Rest assured this is false, they have doors on the showers. In fact we didn't even shower beforehand to be honest. Does this make us awful people who will never be invited back? Probably not. It was about 30 degrees and nothing sounded enticing about walking wet from a shower to the geothermal pool.  Mind you they do give big fuzzy robes, but still.

When we headed over in this direction we planned our stay at the Silica hotel which is right next door to the lagoon . The hotel is so zen and spa like! Built into the lava field ,it is a smaller hotel which makes it quiet and I didn't see a single child (que hallelujah chorus, sorry to you who have kids. I love kids but there's something about a seemingly kid-free hotel). The hotel also has their own private thermal pool so we double dipped and explored both. Included in our hotel reservation were premium passes to the lagoon which included  access to the lagoon, larger lockers, free drinks and a reservation at the lagoons restaurant called LAVA. We dined there the same night we enjoyed the lagoon and the food was delicious.(It is a limited menu so be sure to check it out beforehand.) It is literally built into the lava field, it's gorgeous! If you don't stay at the Silica hotel you can purchase separate tickets to the lagoon Here

Overall, the lagoon was such a relaxing day after two days of tours, so if you are planning to do quite a bit of sightseeing in iceland I would save this for the end to help you unwind! Also important tip, I bought a simple waterproof case for my phone so I could take it into the lagoon and take pictures and not have to worry about it! Here is a similar one to what I used, I also found tjmaxx had a few! Ps. slather that silica everywhere, my skin was amazing afterward!

Quick facts:
-They have changing stations as well as stations to fix hair and makeup
- Shower gel & conditioner are supplied
- Reservations are recommended if you want to eat at Lava
- Don't bring any valuables out to the pool, there is not anywhere to keep things safe & it is extremely hard to keep track of your robe & flip flops.