Iceland seems to be the new hotspot for travel and it's  no surprise why! Only a short flight from the north east & you can find yourself in a place with so much variety and beautiful scenery. English is spoken and communication is easy, they drive on the same side of the road as us Americans and you can drink the water straight from the tap!  I decided to put together a little travel guide for any of you that may be thinking of heading to Iceland in the future. If you hadn't considered it before, hopefully I can talk you into a visit. For reference, I myself spent four days and three nights exploring , and although I didn't get to see everything in that short period of time I did get a good taste of what it was all about!

While in Iceland I had the chance to chat with some local experts in the tourism field and I learned they are having a hard time keeping up with the sudden boom!  They are rapidly trying to build hotels to keep up with the influx of tourism, and while there will be many more options in the near future, I stayed in two amazing hotels during my time there! 

The first morning we arrived into Reykjavik on our WOW airlines flight around 4:30 am. We headed straight to Canopy by Hilton which is in downtown. We chose the rate which included the breakfast buffet and it was a wise decision. Many shops and restaurants don't open until later in the morning so waking up at our leisure and strolling downstairs when we pleased made for a relaxed way to start the day. The breakfast buffet is unlike any buffet I've ever seen in my life. Normally when I hear breakfast buffet I think powered scrambled eggs but this had amazing fresh fruit, quiches, baked oatmeal casseroles, meats , cheeses, fresh over easy eggs, breads, pastries, you name it. Honestly it was the most impressive breakfast spread I have seen.

Here are some quick facts about the hotel
- Yummy welcome treat (we received adorable bags of yummy caramel corn!)
- They have their own Cafe with the cutest setup of vintage records and record
 players you can borrow
-Free bikes to rent if you prefer to explore the city by means of exercise 
- Free hotel Wifi
-It is currently the first of its kind in the world
- The interior design is a mix of Brooklyn and Soho 
-Perfect location for exploring downtown(we had no car and walked to 
dinners and around the area to see local sights
-It is kept in immaculate condition, it is also only a few months old so everything is new!