Relaxed "CALI" style

Well it has been over two months too long since I last blogged and we are now in a totally different season (thank God!). Most recently I have been obsessed with any kind of  distressed denim and these jeans are no exception! They have become a staple in my wardrobe and are so easy to dress up or down. There's nothing I love more than a relaxed t-shirt and jeans look for the cool days of spring. The weather can be so tricky to dress for but  I'm finding it so easy to pick a graphic tee and pair it with any pair of favorite denim.  Throw on an easy jacket and you have a great outfit that looks super thought out but was actually quick and easy. I've linked some of the pieces below, my tee is from old navy and i'm not sure if its still available but there are some other great options!


  1. Love that tee. I don't think it is available anymore but I did get a really cute graphic tee from ON recently that says "jetset" and was $3!

  2. I tried on both of those shoes at Old Navy recently. May have to go back for those sandals...although I do wish there were no strings. I'm really digging those jeans!


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