What's in my bag?

The type of bag you carry can say a lot about you. What is inside your bag can be even more telling! I typically try to carry a small crossbody bag to work because I have to fit it into a tiny locker. However, when I have the chance to carry a larger tote or satchel I am practically carrying the world around in it. I would always rather be prepared than unprepared so I carry quite a few items but boy do they come in handy! Be happy you aren't seeing what was inside my purse when I used to nanny, I am sure there were a few goldfish crackers floating around in there.

Here is a look into my handbag and the 10 essentials I carry on a daily basis. Rue La La also has a great style guide called Handbags
 101 you can check out to see various types of purses.

(left to right)
1. Concealer is a MUST. Never know when something might pop up that needs to be hidden!
2. Sephora lipgloss #14 has been my go to for years
3. Purell. When I say I am a germaphobe. I mean I. am. a. germaphobe.
4. Matchsticks double stick tape- never know when that might come in handy. Sealing a letter, wardrobe malfunction, so many possibilities.
5. Tweezers- Not sure if you have ever noticed but natural lighting in the car is a beast. I always seem to find a stray eyebrow that needs to be plucked. Also great for splinters.
6. Oil Absorbing sheets are saving my life and my makeup
7. Floss- I promise you something will get stuck in your teeth at the most inconvenient of times (first date anyone?) and now you will be prepared.
8.Advil and any other medicine I may need is always with me
9. Banana boat spf chap stick- nobody likes chapped lips.
10. Strike to smooth- nail files on the ready!