Style Post: Trending Tassels

It has been far too long since I've done an outfit post and for that I apologize! But I think I've made my comeback with a pretty good one, if I do say so myself and a blog makeover! While I was away I started a business selling jewelry and accessories through my own website and at jewelry parties! All of the pieces I am wearing are a part of my business Emily Anne.

 Tassels have been appearing everywhere lately! Pinterest,Rachel Zoe's Collection , you name it tassels are there. I found this perfect necklace to be a great piece of merchandise for my home parties. The gold link bracelet is a favorite of mine as well and I wear it with absolutely everything, it can be found here at my online store

There is one piece of clothing that was the best investments I've made  (so far) and that is this Gap blazer. A black blazer goes with every single outfit, I am 100% convinced of that. If you haven't yet found your perfect blazer, keep hunting it is SO worth it! It's especially perfect for this awkward season of cool nights and going from the toasty outdoors to a cool indoor space. Another one of my favorite summer staples are these white jeans, thank goodness the days of waiting to wear white after Memorial Day are long gone!

 Blazer:Gap/White Jeans:Guess/Mint top: Marshalls/Necklace($20) & Bracelet($15) : Emily Anne


  1. I love this outfit! You shoes are so cute!

    Rachel Ashley


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