Let's Talk Underwear

I guarantee you after reading this post you will either
a). want to go buy new underwear or 
b.) have the same fears about underwear that I do because I have now instilled them in you. 

So lets get started shall we? There are a few things in life that have lead to my knowing why it's important to always have your best undies on.

example 1. You must be a stand in model

That one time I interned at Lucky and a Fashion Editor pulled me from the hallway and made me (lets be real I was thrilled) try on clothes they were pulling for an upcoming issue. Ok first off, hello nobody wants to be in their underwear in the middle of a fashion closet, where everyone there has most likely seen the skinniest models in the world. But if you must be half naked in the fashion closet then it is best NOT to have horrid underwear on (I can assure you, it will be most humiliating). I had some average underwear on that day,I'll be honest I was wearing some standard bikini cut. As best as I can remember I had some plain black on, it could have been worse, but it could have been better.  If given the chance I would redo that day in a second and put on the nicest pair of underwear I own.

example 2. Car Wreck

I've shared this story before but I have a cousin who has been in multiple serious car wrecks,none of which are  her fault, but getting to the point, the EMT's have cut off her clothes leaving only her underwear! Not that it will be the most important thing in that moment, but wouldn't it be nice to not be horrified of your underwear in that moment?

example 3. A wind Storm

I have chosen to wear a sundress to shop around in NYC. No big deal enter the subway to go to the meatpacking district and I emerge on the other side to a complete downpour and wind storm. Why exit the subway you ask? You cant re enter this side of the street. While attempting to make my way to the other side of the road my dress blows up, full on Marilyn Monroe moment. I was horrified and of course there were people standing near. Luckily I always wear boyshorts while wearing a dress, just in case something like this happens.

You want to be ready at all times now don't you? Take it from me, if you wouldn't want anyone to see it then you probably shouldn't wear it, because chances are one of these three things could happen to you.

Happy underwear shopping!


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  2. This is hilarious, and it is so true!
    Very nice post, love your blog, you have interesting posts!
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