I judge books by their covers: A list of fashion books I've read this summer

I like pretty things. Books are included. If a book cover looks boring as heck I will not read it. It's the truth.  It was so nice to actually have time this summer to read anything I wanted! Of course being that I love fashion and recently graduated I was determined to get my hands on every fashion book possible and to absorb every word. I currently have about nine books on my desk from the library. The library = my new best friend. Here is a quick little review of a few I've read with my own star ratings.

1. By Invitation Only: How we Built Gilt and Changed the way Millions Shop
By Alexis Maybank & Alexandra Wilson

Ok this book was ah-mazing. Not only does it give you an insight into how they created this fabulous business, it leaves you thinking that you can do something big too!

***** 5 stars

2. Nina Garcias Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion 
By Nina Garcia

Such a cute reference book for what to wear for seriously every single event possible! And pictures are included, which are always a plus.

**** 4 stars

3. Gunns Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work
By: Tim Gunn

He is hilarious,whitty,brillant and so down to earth! I want to now be his best friend after reading this book. Honestly he is such a normal person! And he has the best inside stories of all the major fashion icons, including a life changing story of Anna Wintour.

*** 3 Stars

4. True Whit: Designing a Life of Style,Beauty and Fun
By Whitney Port

For all you fans of The Hills & The City this book is for you! A fun inside look into whitneys world and fun tips like how to throw a party with nothing but a microwave!

*** 3 Stars

5. The Go-Getter Girl's Guide
 By: Debra Shigley

A how to book on navigating your way through the workplace and life! How to be a Go Getter and get things you want!

*** 3 Stars

6. In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything you Need to Know to Break into the Fashion Industry.
By: Annemarie Iverson

Written by the former Editor in Chief of Seventeen this book has everything you need to know about making your way into the fashion field. Great advice and a Fashionista Aptitude Survey! which was right on for me.

***** 5 Stars

Pick these books up, I promise youll love them all!