Outfit Post: Cobalt Blue

Beating the heat with a dress again! A new little blue beauty from H&M. My mom told me I have a serious shopping issue to which I replied "At least I'm not spending my money on drugs!" Is that something a shopaholic says? 

The thing I love about this dress is well ,obviously the color and the fact that I can take the tie off and have it transform into another silhouette. Tied back it looks more casual but untie that baby and add some heels you are good for a night out. Two dresses in one!

Yes I am obsessed with my gold hoop earrings from NY&Co.

Shoes/J.Crew $10 on sale BAM.

Ring:  NY&Co./ Dainty Gold Bracelet with initial : Etsy shop Coco Wagner

Just thought I would throw a little confession time in here. I have been seriously addicted to skinny chai lattes lately. Like I have felt the need to have one almost every other day. No bueno I say.


  1. Oh you are so pretty!!!! Love the jewelry! Thanks for commenting about my room today :) xoox Elizabeth

  2. that color is GORGE with your skin tone!

  3. I just found your blog though Ashley {Adventures of Newlyweds}. You are adorable and have such a great sense of style!

  4. You look so pretty , that color looks great on you
    It's me! Alejandra <3


  5. hello gorgeous! cannot believe you scored those shoes for just $10!

  6. that dress is amazing. and i'm jealous of your skinny legs. you're so cute!

  7. girl you are gorgeous!! we've been following each other on instagram for a while now and i've never officially come over and followed your blog - thought it was time!! ;) love your style, and i LOVE chai lattes a bit too much as well...addiction!!! haha



  8. you look stunning in blue darling! LOVE the dress


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