Outfit Post : California Cool

No I'm not in California. I wish I was! This outfit was a little California inspired and if I had the chance to go to California this outfit would be packed and going . I love wearing dresses in the summer they are so much easier and cooler than wearing anything else. Paired with a great necklace you have a winning outfit.A black dress with a statement piece of jewelry always always works. I have to admit my hat (which I love) doesn't actually fit me so it's been gifted to a friend, but let me tell you, if my head wasn't so big I'd be wearing the hat with this outfit. And my necklace? It spoke to me. Don't tell me that clothes don't just speak to you sometimes when you are in a store, because they do. There are times I even let out a little gasp subconsciously, and quickly turn to make sure no one was around to hear me and think I am insane.

Dress:Marshalls $16.99. score.

necklace c/o Pretty & Chic boutique

Ring: NY&Co./Hat:J.Crew/Nailpolish: Essie Fiji

hi-lo there

Hope you all had a great fourth! I'm going to try to bring more outfit posts, I admit I've been a slacker, but thats what summer is about :)


  1. I love your quirky sense of humor! I tend to gasp a little when I see that special something in the store! The necklace looks gorgeous on you!

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  2. Ohhh I love wearing dresses during summer as well. They are so comfy and breezy:) You look amazing, sweetie. Muah

  3. i love a good black dress! you just can't go wrong. and you look fabulous, of course ;)

  4. super cute outfit! i'm really loving the dress!!


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