PLEASE cover your three B's.

What in the world does "Please cover your three B's" mean? Why, I am so glad you asked. 

The three B's are "Boobs, Butt and Belly".

I cant even tell you how astonished I am at how much of these three things I see. I mean all. the. time. And then in church!! Now I'm not saying you should dress super modest for church and then wear practically nothing the rest of the week. I definitely try to dress modestly all the time and for goodness sake I believe when you are in the house of God you should dress for it. I saw a few outfits that made my jaw drop at church the other day. These included...

1). a halter top. Great for the beach, not great for church.
2).Booty Shorts. BOOTY SHORTS. did you catch it or do you need me to say it again? Someone had the nerve to wear shorts that were practically unveiling her butt cheeks to church.
3). the worship leader who let her "girls" hang out. How can I focus on what we are singing if I'm too distracted by your boobs.

Regardless of what you believe about modesty,church,etc. You should at least dress appropriately and cover yourself up a bit. If not for you, then for others. Like the guy who is actually trying to worship in church and learn about the Bible but is distracted the whole time by your boobs peaking out or your belly or your booty shorts.

I know we all have different ideas and beliefs but these are MY personal opinions and this is my blog, therefore I can say what I want.

Here are, what I believe to be some church appropriate outfits.


  1. LOVE the last dress and all it's pink/peachy/grey pretty-ness.
    Also agree whole heartedly with you and covering the 3 Bs!
    Preach it! :)

  2. I agree! Love all of your examples of what to wear. Too cute!


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