This is what finals week looks like

1. Cupcakes for a bbq my teacher had! I'm not sure if that actually happens at 
other schools but I'm happy it happens at mine.
2. Bonfire at a friends the night before a final. No big deal.
3. Playing with puppies only seconds before a final. beyond adorable
4. Free ice cream after finals since my school is the bomb and we get
 free ice cream on finals days!

1. DIY french manicure, going on 4 days strong with no chips! 
Now that's something to celebrate!
2. One of my best friends beyond adorable new baby! 
Cant wait to squeeze that little one!
3. Pretty breakfast= Brain power.
4. Lots and lots of drawings and inspiration boards.

Last final of my life tomorrow!! Good luck to all you fellow final takers, hang in there! 
Summer is around the bend :)
PS. half off Starbucks Frapps start tomorrow! Count me in :)


  1. Omg! The baby is too cute!!! And love the egg holder :) I saw something on Pinterest with a slice of pepper as the holder. So clever and it made the egg look like a flower! I definitely want to try it!


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