Summer Weddings: What to wear to 3 different types of weddings

Weddings can be tricky. A lot of factors come into play when dressing for this occasion. Proper wedding attire varies on where you are in the country. I've learned first hand that the tri -state area  weddings are quite possibly the fanciest events in some of the country. It all just depends on what type of wedding you are going to. Here are a few options for summer weddings, hopefully this will release a little stress in picking out that perfect outfit for a friends wedding. 

And for goodness sake, do NOT wear white or any shade of ivory,nude,light pink or anything that can be mistaken for white. Show up to my wedding in anything resembling white and you will be kicked out.

I like to keep in mind the rule of picking 1 body part to reveal a little more than the rest. It is virtually impossible to have your legs,chest, arms and back showing and still look classy. It can not happen. Pick one body part to play up and keep the rest covered. This is not your day to stand out and get the attention. Get over it. Rant over..moving on.

backyard wedding attire


  1. Wow those cocktail wedding outfits are fab :)

  2. love this post! Think I love the cocktail outfits best :)

  3. Love your picks, girl!! I'm obsessed with that Kelly green dress!


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