Overheard at Target

While shopping in Target I heard a girl say this..

" I have to buy a one piece for my missions trip. I've never even worn a one piece!"

First of all, I doubt your mother dressed you in bikinis since you were born. 

However,you never know what people do these day so that may be the case.

But I can promise you wont die because you have to wear a one piece.

Happy Weekend :)


  1. Haven't you seen "Dance Moms" or "Toddlers and Tiaras"? Some moms are just plain nuts. I'm glad I have a on!

    Ps- I just saw your pic on Instagram (I'm @DanaSRice) and no one should look that good this early in the morning. No one!!


  2. ha:) this is funny because it's so true. kids these days! my sister just brought the most beautiful, classy retro one-piece. she's 21:)


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