A few lessons learned

Oh my word I missed a whole week of blogging! How does that happen?! Well I'll tell you how it happens, life,work,interning,school work,friends and exhaustion gets in the way, that's how. One month from today, yes ONE month I will be graduating! Holy goodness how four years of college happened so fast is beyond me. Anyway I learned a few valuable lessons this week I'd like to pass on to you.

Lesson #1. Do NOT shop online late at night. What qualifies as late at night? Anytime you are tucked in bed or not in a completely clear, awake state of mind. What happens when shopping on your iPhone when tucked into bed you ask? The purchase of a Jcrew necklace occurs. Not just any necklace. THIS necklace, and for only $15, so it wasn't a complete disaster but it could have gotten worse had I stayed online any longer..moving along

Lesson #2. Do not under any circumstance keep junk food in your bedroom. Oh my word this is just a bad idea. Keeping a box of Easter goodies from my family in my room proved to be deadly. However  I cant say I didn't enjoy every single bite of that Easter candy. Would I do it again? Yes.Yes I would.Luckily I have a very fast metabolism and don't gain weight but one day,it may catch up to me.

Two valuable lessons learned here today. Don't shop on your iPhone late at night and don't keep candy in your bedroom!

and #3 target Easter candy is on sale..I'm so bad.

Happy Weekend yippee!!!


  1. Why is Easter candy so darn good?? Every other candy doesn't hold a note to Easter candy. I just don't get it.

    LOVE the necklace. Great purchase ;)


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