Candy Birthday Cards

I saw a friend do this once for Valentines Day and thought why not adapt it for a birthday?! My grandpa is absolutely the biggest chocolate lover I have ever met in my life... next to myself. Obviously I get it from him and that side of the family. My mom says her grandma always used to have chocolates in her apron pockets. Clearly, I am not adopted.

 It takes a little imagination but you too can use this idea and change up the words and candy for whatever the occasion may be. I made this special (and tasty!) card for all under $9 and I'm sure you can do it for less if you shop the candy sales. Here's a big Happy Birthday Grandpa! Let's hope no one in my family decides to be cute and show him this blog post and ruin my surprise.


  1. I love this idea and so clever for a grandparent!

  2. This is a fun and creative alternative to a card! I bet he will love it!

  3. aww we did those when i was younger!! can't go wrong with a message full of yummies :) so cute!


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