I'm Back and I'm Tan.

Holy goodness it feels like I had abandoned you all!! I am back from an amazing spring break along with all the craziness of school deadlines that came before. Sorry for my lack of posting, sometimes life happens and when life happens its usually busy and in full swing. I am happy to report that I'm back from my little blog vacay as well as my real spring break vacation in Phoenix,AZ. Along with being back I bring my tan and au natural self, freckles and all. I promise not to bore you with 8,000 pictures of my spring break but I will share a few and I'll give you some great places to eat in Phoenix.

First. There are a few things I learned while in AZ. They have four things in excess.
1. Heat ( hello I was in heaven)
2. Cactus' ( I really think they are the strangest thing)
3. Palm trees
3. Good looking boys

Of course I over packed, my poor little suitcase weighing in at 46 pounds. I kid you not. I always do this, you would think i'd learn eventually. Yet I managed to pack for a winter trip to NYC all in a carry on. Go figure.


  1. Such lovely photos, sounds like so much fun!
    LOVE your scarf in the last photo!

    Be Frassy

  2. I so love Arizona! I think I'd rather live there than in New York. It has the perfect weather and no rush and traffic. I wish to go back soon...


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