Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1.Eating dinner with my friend at a mexican restaurant only to have a girl walk over and say "sorry to bother you but the guy over there in the yellow shirt wants me to give you his number". first of all I am pretty sure he was young and second of all I am not calling you random person. Thank you Jeremy C, I'm pretty sure you had no idea you'd be in a blog post.

2. Saying Hey really loudly to a person in the middle of a crowded hall only to have them not see me and not say anything.  lets hope no one else noticed that.

3.When I starred down a guy so hard who was not about to let me cross the street in front of his car. Pedestrians first mister. I almost yelled at him then realized his window was down, that would have been real awkward.

4. Singing and dancing in the car with the windows down,while driving in my neighborhood only to realize my neighbors are on the front porch watching...

1. Bloop frozen yogurt- cake batter with Reeses. does not get more awesome than that

2. My research paper due next friday which I haven't started got moved to April 20th! Praise the Lord that is awesome.

3. The amazing spring weather we have been having, 82 today and perfect. My heart is so happy.

4. Not doing any homework

5. Having self control while in the JCrew outlet and not buying a single thing. Awesome.

Happy Thursday!! Tomorrow is the weekend!!


  1. haha love your awkwards!

    Frozen yogurt is the best and I don't think I could control myself in the JCrew outlet so kudos to you!

    Happy weekend!


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