Weekend via Instagram

Way too many treats this past week/weekend. Including the two boxes of 
candy I consumed during "The Vow"

Internship outfit. You would think I could wear this to school and then to work but since my school has a strict dress code I basically wear two different outfits a day sometimes.


Put together valentines treat bags for my girls at Bible study. After all we have Bible study tomorrow and half of us are single so hello we need chocolate.

And last but not least the Grammys. Would someone like to go ahead and tell me what the heck was going on with Rihanna. Hot mess anyone?


  1. Jolie photos !!!
    A bientot ; )
    Passe sur mon blog à l'occasion

  2. That's Rihanna?!?! I would have guessed Ke$ha or something.

    P.S. I love following your instagram! xx


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