To chase away the winter blues..

I don't know about you but i am beyond sick of this winter weather. Thank goodness I am headed to AZ for spring break next weekend! Perfect timing if I do say so myself. Until then I keep checking the weather daily to see what the temps will be in Phoenix. 

There are oh so many reasons I cant wait for the warm weather! Here are a few 
I cant wait to...

+ have all the windows open in my apartment and bask in the sunshine
+ actually eat ice cream without freezing to death while doing so
+ drive with the sunroof open,sun pouring in, shades on my face and a starbucks in tote
+ go to a baseball game. spring= baseball season. need I say more?
+ sonic ice cream cones. Did you know they're only .25 cents on tuesdays?!..or thursdays i cant remember its been so long insert*sad face*
+ take a deep breath and smell all the freshly bloomed flowers
+  walk out of the house without a jacket on
+ wear dresses
+ get a tan. starting to get a little too white for my liking

So to chase away the winter blues I look at pictures like these.

What are you looking forward to when the warm weather rolls around?


  1. it´s fantastic the way you express yourself here.

  2. ahh i am so so excited for spring and summer too! id love to be able to go to a baseball game! so jealous.

    have fun in phoenix :) x

  3. Needing spring to get here too! I love being able to have all the windows open in the apartment and being tan!!

  4. It's actually been a bit warm all year for me. I almost feel like winter took a break this year. I'm looking forward to trips to the beach.

    xo erica

  5. Great photos :) I really cant wait hot weather


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