Stuff* Fashion Girls Say

Guilty as charged. 

A few favorite quotes:

"Can I get a plus one?"
"I die"
"It was a lot of look but you pulled it off"
"I have been spending so much money lately"
"I am not eating until fashion week"
"She is my thinspiration"
"What is this Filenes basement?"
"Im sorry Im not sorry"
"I'd rather shop at payless"
"Is that Essie or OPI?"
"No not the maple syrup one, you just cant eat for like 17 days"

And my all time favorite:

"Little teapot! Chin down eyes up"


  1. Hahah..the last one made me giggle:) Have a great day, darling. xo

  2. Hahaha I could watch this over and over and it would never get old.

    "I'm really into statement necklacessss."

  3. thanks for sharing hun!!! i love that the products are affordable!! i mean must haves that are all chanel and MAC are some times hard to "must have" lol

    love K

  4. this whole video made me crack UP! love it :)


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