The Perfect February Playlist

#1 cutest card ever above,thank you pinterest. I am now inspired for Valentines. February..the month of love. Yes I am single. and Yes I very much enjoy it at times. I can enjoy love stuff. I can handle love movies, love songs etc. I made a little list of perfect love songs to carry us through February. Ones I think we all can enjoy, married, single etc. who knows maybe some of these songs will make their way into your V-day plans.

*1. Love- Matt White
2.Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
3. Paradise- Coldplay
4. Amazing- Josh Kelley
5. Love is not a fight- Warren Barfield
6. Dancing Away with my heart- lady Antebellum
7.Until You- Dave Barnes
*8.Kiss me slowly- Parachute
9.I do- Colbie Caillat
10. With You tonight- Matt Wertz

Any favorite love songs??

* favorites :)


  1. bruno mars with marry you


  2. i love anythingggg coldplay, especially swallowed in the sea. that was me and the hubby's first dance song :) love the song paradise, too! great list :)

  3. Oh this is such a great list! I agree w/ the first poster- Bruno Mars "Marry Me" is what I'm loving currently :)

  4. OMG I love that card! And even more your play list =]


  5. This is such a sweet post :) Love all the songs you've highlighted! My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra is always played at my house on vday!


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