My Must Have Beauty Products

There are some beauty products I could not survive without. It's the best thing in the world to finally find a product that works and that you love.  I cant help but share a few of my personal favorites. Not to mention they are all great for those on a budget! This college girl wont be breaking the break on beauty products,that's for sure.

First up, Oil blotting sheets. 
I wouldn't trade these for anything. Perfect for touch up's 
between classes and great for on the go.

Aussie Hairspray.I've tried many hairsprays over the 
years but none beat this baby

Great Lash Clear mascara. Sometimes you need something to
 keep those brows in place. This is it.

Jergens Natural Glow and Aussie heat protecting spray. If you blow dry, curl and straighten your hair every single day like me then you need  this Aussie product desperately. And hello,no one wants to be white in the winter.

And last but not least, The best foundation I have EVER used. This Almay True Lasting Color was named correctly. This makeup got me through one long night of new years eve. I will never wear another foundation as long as I live. And it matches my skin perfectly, got it right on the first shot which never happens.

What are you favorite beauty products? I'm always looking to find new ones!


  1. I love Aussie hairspray too, but I use the curly hair one (catch the wave). It's awesome.


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