DIY wall art

I have been scouring the Goodwills for canvas that I could paint over and make my own wall art with. Finally I came across two perfect sized pieces, and the great thing about goodwill is, well ...its cheap. So for four dollars I got two big pieces of canvas. Yep perfect. With a few paints, a stencil and a brush from Michael's I got going.

For about $12 I now have two new pieces of wall art for above my desk!

It's really easy and fun if you are into that sort of crafty thing. You can use any colors and any stencils your heart desires.

1. Canvas painting from Goodwill - someone likes corona alot

2. Coat of spray paint to help cover the painting

3. Three coats of gray paint later and begin stenciling- be sure to find the center of the canvas

4. The finished product- I think it was time for an update after two years of the same thing

I can almost guarantee you I'm going to paint these all black and do the stencil in white because thats just how I am and decided I don't like the gray but It certainly makes me happier to sit at my desk and look at something pretty !


  1. ooh your paintings are beautiful!! i just found your blog via life of charmings. i am your newest follower! love a fellow painter! :)

  2. They are beautiful and I really like the grey colour background. Such a wonderful job, sweetie. Kisses

  3. I love these. I could use these in my room actually.

    thanks for passing by my blog. :)

  4. Why have I never thought to check Goodwill for canvas'?? Brilliant!!

  5. SO cute!! What a great idea, girl! xx


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