Best and Worst of this week

Starting off on a good note: Best
1. The fact that I went on a date with Ryan Gosling...wait what?!!!!!!

...I mean in my dream last night. BUT it was so real I think I'm in love with him now.

2. A sweet Valentines Day card from my grandma. She is the best.

3. The fact that I already pre bought my ticket to see "The Vow" tomorrow!! I can hardly stand it I am so excited

4. The chicken taco salad I made. Which was amazingg.

5. I found heart shaped balloons for Valentines day. They are SO cute! I cant wait to blow them up.

6. This sweater I found for $10 at TJ Maxx. I guess I am a maxxinista what can I say?

Ok debbie downer time: Worst

1. Why must it smell like drugs outside my apartment door right before friends come over. "Hey welcome! Sorry about the drug smell". Um.EW.

2. Horrible drivers who don't know what to do at a four way stop.

3. Yeah you don't have to hold the door for me, it can slam in my face. My hands are only completely full thank you.

4. Having a dream you missed class and waking up in a complete panic

5. Realizing there is only Four weeks until you need to be in a bikini and you've been a little too happy eating sweets lately

Speaking of sweets there are lots of recipe posts coming soon :) Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I wish I'd dream I was on a date with Ryan! :) Drugs outside your apt. sound a little scary! haha! Following you now!


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