Tow truck cant stop me from looking good

Its true. And sad and quite unfortunate that my car got towed today from school. BUT no need to fear,someone heard about it, since really it was all not my fault a misunderstanding/ my school is really tow happy. However, I got some really cute new shoes today, ate some chocolate and life is better. So naturally, when you get new shoes you need to assemble outfits to see what you can wear them with. 

This little drawing went down before I discovered I had been towed.
 Now I dont claim to be an artist or anything, but I'd wear her outfit.

Such a steal at rack room shoes just $24.99!

I apologize for how obsessed with this necklace I am and how much it's
 made it's way onto my blog - J.Crew necklace

New Dress from Francesca's Collection

Hope you had a less stressful day than I did. Lets all be happy tomorrow is friday!! 


  1. I heart the dress.. but what is that necklace?! Ahh - full picture please :)

    P.S. I made it out 3 years alive without ever getting towed. Chicka chicka yeahhhhh.


  2. Oh no!! I'm so sorry about your car! My school always used to be ticket friendly... not fun. LOVE the dress!

  3. I love the dress, but do not love that your car got towed away. Booooo. :(

  4. Awh I have that dress in gray, too cute!

    xo Shane

  5. love the dress and necklace!! :) So adorable, and the shoes add that extra classic touch.. love it! and the drawing is presh

  6. Oh my gosh! No apologies, that necklace is fantastic and you should be obsessed with it!! Love the shoes and drawing ;)

    I'm so sorry about your car but great job with the positive outlook! xx

  7. ohh, totally drooling over that dress. TOO adorable!
    xo TJ

  8. Love, love, love that dress! Super cute :) sorry about your car!

  9. How annoying that your car got towed, but mew shoes always help! And I love your dress!

  10. CUTE NECKLACE!!! Love the dress!!! I have yet to make it to Francescas! My wallet probably thanks me for this though.


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