Red Carpet Manicure Review :At home gel nails

When Alliance Agency contacted me and offered to let me try Red Carpet Manicure (an at home gel manicure system) I was ecstatic! I am such a huge fan of gel manicures and the days of doing my nails twice a week are lonnggg gone. Thank goodness for gel manicures. I now only have to do my nails once every two weeks and it feels amazing. When I first saw the package and all its instructions I have to admit I panicked a smidge and thought it looked way too complicated. Finally I decided to test it out and the results are amazing!

So what is Red Carpet Manicure?

It's an at home gel manicure system! It has 36 shades of nail polish and a portable LED light!

How much/ Where do I buy it?

A full system costs $59.99. Do the math ladies, if you do your own gel nails with this system 20 times that's only $2.99 a manicure! You can buy the system and all its products at ULTA, Fred Meyer,Meijer or online here or here

How long does it take?

Start to finish it took me about 50 minutes to do myself. If you have that kind of time I highly recommend trying out this system (and if you have time to sit in a salon and have them done, then you definitely have time to do it yourself.)

The full system

Detailed instructions

Nail color

LED light

Finished Product

There are pretty much 3 basic steps to the process, a few coats of different stuff and viola.

Overall it comes out as good as you do it. It's just as shiny and hard as a salon gel manicure. I am not a pro at painting nails by any means and if I took more time they would be neater and more professional looking. The polish smells a little bit so be sure to do it in a well aired placed so you aren't getting high from your own nails. The fact that you can do it at home whenever is convenient for you is awesome! Not to mention it will seriously help out your wallet. I can honestly say I'll be buying some more colors to use in the future!


  1. definitely have to get one of these! love!!!
    xo TJ

  2. Thank you thank you for posting this! I've been going back and forth on investing in an at-home system and you just answered all of my questions! :)

  3. I loveeeeee this - I am constantly doing my nails because of work, and it gets tiring (althought I love changing my color every other day, hehe!)

    I saw this on ulta and am dying to get it - this makes me want it even more!


  4. How fantastic!!! I must look into this!!!

  5. Ooh. I want to try it myself now.


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