NYE at the metropolitan Club NYC

Happy 2012! As I wrote this I was going on about 1.5 hours of sleep from NYE and still going strong! Not only did I last the entire night but I also came home with everything I went with which is always a good thing. I spent New Years Eve at the Metropolitan Club of NYC with some friends and it was by far the best New Years yet. The food was amazing and the place is gorgeous! Lets recap the night shall we?

+ 360 view of NYC from our friends apartment rooftop
+ limo ride with the fastest limo driver in the history of the world
+ Appetizers and 3 course to die for meal and a breakfast buffet. just roll me home why don't you
+ ringing in midnight with a rooftop view of fireworks from central park,complete with good friends and balloons that actually fell from the ceiling like in movies. yes that really happened.
+not only did we own the dance floor with some of the older crowd that happened to be there (Maybe your grandma and grandpa?) But we did it with style

View from my friends apartment. Not bad huh?

Check out our handsome dates.

Say hello to my J.Crew dress &  his custom tux

They had the best hats ever. If only I could wear that feather everyday.

Fireworks from central park!

Happy New Years!

Where were you at midnight and how did you ring in 2012?!


  1. The beautiful people!! Wow Em, you are gorgeous!!

  2. Looks like you had an excellent time.

  3. Stunning!! Absolutely love the dress and it sounds like you had a truly amazing night! Happy 2012!




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