A day in the life of an intern

My current internship is completely different than my internship at Lucky Magazine. A good different. Different tasks,responsibilities, more creative freedom. For starters I'm the only fashion intern at Interiors by Moyanne and at Lucky I was one of 10. With that said its also a completely different atmosphere, location, business. There is no comparison. Both are amazing and I know that I will have learned completely different things from both. So what do I do all day besides stare at fabulous clothes that I cant afford? Well I'm so glad you asked. Here is a sneak peak of my day in pictures.

Began my day looking for fabric and lamp shades for a client. not so fashion, but I do both. I multitask what can I say.

I always come home inspired to redecorate something. Not sure if that's good or bad yet.

 Style Manequins- obsessed with this top from Hoss.

Photoshoot at our new store that's opening in Feb!

And then I get distracted and take pics of my new shoes..

All in a days work. Reorganizing the clothes has to be one of the most therapeutic things. Thank you Lucky for teaching me how to organize clothing based upon,strap thickness, skirt length, jacket type and oh so much more. An organized clothing rack is a happy rack. ( and no I didnt organize that rack yet, but its my next project, clearly it needs some help)


  1. Glad that you enjoy your new internship and your shoes are really cute! have a great day. xo

  2. You are so cute. Love that top on the mannequin too! And I just LOVE brick walls. What an inspiring place to work :)

  3. so incredible! and i can't believe you used to intern for lucky magazine! how fun!!
    xo TJ

  4. cute!


  5. What an awesome opportunity! And what lovely office!

  6. Sounds like such a fun and creative internship! Lovely blog xo


  7. how cool that you're having a new and different experience than your last! that looks like probably the prettiest internship ever.


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