Chandeliers ,making even the most simple space classy and elegant. 

I'm loving all the different places these chandeliers are found. They are all unique and so gorgeous!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest


  1. I have been lovinggg the chandelier look lately too! It's so beautiful. Pinned lots of them :)

  2. I actually think I am falling in love with chandeliers! I am seeing them everywhere and the more I see it, the more I want it! The first picture, in the kitchen, nearly broke my freaking heart! I wish my kitchen could look like this!

  3. i couldn't agree more about chandeliers! they are so elegant, i especially love the last room. it's like rustic and modern rolled into one.
    also - thank you thank you for your sweet comment on my post today!

  4. I love chandeliers. All these photos are beautiful and make me want to redecorate!

  5. I am sharing your love for Chandeliers! Just found your blog, new follower!


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