A challenge for 2012

Regret. The word alone can bring about sweaty palms and anxiety. It makes you think of things you wish you hadn't done or experienced. But this 2012 I'm challenging myself to not have one regret. Are you with me? Here is to a 2012 full of no regrets, only lessons learned and personal growth. A few quotes I've found to be especially inspirational on my journey of no regrets come from pinterest ( I mean really, where else would they come from?).

Source: piccsy.com via Cindy on Pinterest

So let's raise our glasses to a cheers. Here is to 2012 being better than ever, taking every moment for what it's worth and a year with no regrets. I already feel good about it, don't you? 


  1. I feel really good about 2012! And I also plan on not havin any regrets this year!

  2. OHhhh I love that first quote!! Repinning that now!

  3. Great post and great quotes! The perfect way to start your year. Thanks for sharing! :)



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