Challenge #2: Wear something outside your comfort zone

This 2012 I'm really trying to go all in. Don't ask my why this year is any different than the years in the past. Maybe it's the fact that I'm graduating and I feel like the year in general is going to be one big adventure.  This challenge is a tad more superficial than the last one but still a good one. Not many of us actually push ourselves to wear something new or something we'd never dare to wear before. 

This year my personal challenge is to wear heels. This may sound simple to all of you who wear them everyday, but the truth is I'm 5'10' and have always hated, and I mean hated wearing heels and being a giant. So I'm going to attempt to wear heels and not think twice about it. These little booties are my first challenge to myself.

If you always go for solid colors, mix it up and throw a crazy pattern in there.

I know some people just love wearing black.all.the.time. I love black but add some pop of color in there somewhere!

Maybe you need to branch out of the jeans and t shirt look. Just try something new once. Add a blazer and a colorful purse. Who knows, you may get so many compliments your first time you will never go back to your old style again.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Are you with me?


  1. im a suckerr for jeans and a tee. always love how refreshing it looks paired with a blazer.

    i love your booties :) xx

  2. You're 5'10 too! So am I! I actually LOVED wearing heels and then I married my husband who is also my height and heels are not an option anymore. Boo. I hope you embrace them! Do it for me :)

  3. I so want to start wearing heels more often:) Great plan, sweetie. I'm totally in. Muah

  4. i love this challenge, I'm in! While I LOVE wearing heels there are definitely other things i'm not as comfortable wearing.... on this bandwagon!

  5. I would like to wear heels more often too, but I a;ways worry that I will fall over in about 5 seconds!


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