3:41 and a nap is calling

Its 3:41 and the bed is calling my name. That can only mean one thing...school has begun. I haven't seen 7:15 since the summer for my internship hours and let me tell you, I am not happy about it. I just don't think I'm made to be up early. In fact, I know I'm much happier when I get to sleep till at least 8:30. Anywho, my internship started today, I'm working downtown at a boutique doing visual merchandising, finding vendors, selling clothes, you know the usual. There are some pretty amazing pieces I want to get my hands on . Too bad my wallet doesnt allow it, so for now I'll just enjoy touching them.

Drive Back to Virginia

My latest phase: Smoothies

Quick (and blurry) snap of the store

A snap of the bathroom because lets be real, I love that wallpaper

 Hope you all are having a great week! Only 2 days until the weekend woop woop!


  1. such a cute shop! touch some beauties for me!

  2. So obsessed with that wallpaper in the last image! Gorg snaps. Your internship sounds so fun!

  3. good luck with it all!!

    the hub and i were visiting a couple of friends the other night and he starts picking on me for "sleeping in" til 8:30 every morning. afterhence, both people in the couple said, "that's what time we get up." i was like, "hollla!"

    i'm happy sleeping through the hours of 6 & 7...let's face it.

  4. Your internship souds awesome, Em! Where is this place? Is it new? I never heard of it before.

    P.S. Love the necklace ;) xxx

  5. Wow! Your internship sounds amazing and so profesh ;) You have to keep us updated!

    I'm pretty convinced I'm not a morning person either but alas, I must force myself to be. Hooray for the weekend though, and sleeping in!!


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