What to wear to a sports game

Lucky me got to go to one of the best hockey games thanks to my dad winning tickets to the company box. Devils vs Rangers and it was great! I really do love any sport, besides golf, that is just so boring to watch but hockey is so exciting to me and hey it doesn't hurt to watch some fights. Is that so wrong to enjoy watching hockey fights?

On another note, I am all about wearing a jersey to a sports game no matter what sport it may be. However, certain times call for a more classy approach to dawning a teams colors etc. The devils team colors, naturally are red so I decided to go for a more subtle fan approach and wear a red cami under my blazer. Jazz it up with some J.crew jewelry  (my first xmas gift,shout out to allie!) , a scarf had to tag along - it is an ice rink after all -and ready I was!
Whatever sport youre going to, try mixing it up with a pop of color whether it be from a scarf or a piece of jewlery instead of going for the typical jersey fan attire.

 Must we have girls dancing half naked for every sport?


  1. This is such a great post! Love your outfit and I love the picture of you and your dad :)

    So sweet xx

  2. i've always liked the fights, too! is that normal?! i don't know!

  3. Sounds like a great time, you look so much like your dad!!! Beautiful pic!

  4. You look cute! This is way better than a jersey :)

  5. Hockey games are so fun! I got a super awesome Anaheim Ducks DRESS made from Rock n Reconstruct - but it's short sleeve so I need to pile on the layers when I head to some games this season! :)


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