Ugly Sweaters & Christmas festivities

Today was Christmas convocation at my school. We usually have a speaker but Christmas Convo is unlike any other. It is one of the funniest convocations where we manage to make fun (all in good spirit of course) of horrible speakers from the semester, those classic professor we all have and just life stuff in general.

 This year  a few highlight included:
+ A variation of Adeles"Rolling In the Deep" and turned it into "Frying in the dorm" new lyrics and all.  thanks to a boy dorm who tried to deep fry candy and managed to set the dorm on fire.

+ Not to mention our general announcements which are shown on the big screens, my favorite included Marriage Counseling "How to make your marriage last for 72 days" taught by none other than Kim K and Kris Humphries.

+ Of course we had to poke some fun at occupy wall street and there were some protestors who were mad about the padded seats which only a selection of students get to sit in, therefore, "Occupy comfy seats" was in the building.

Just one fun thing in the midst of studying for finals which really means ,me wanting to do anything but sit down and study. Did you know Studying is student and dying put together? Yep sounds about right to me. Happy Thursday, we are almost at the weekend! I think I can I think I can!


  1. Love the Kardashian sign. And I love all the pictures you took. Looks like a BLAST!

  2. Love it! My favorite is the sign that says I'm so angry, I made a sign.

  3. OMG that Kim K marriage advice is histerical! Love it!

  4. HA! This sounds like so much fun! I am cracking up over the Kris & Kim thing...hilarious! Love your tacky sweater and antlers! :)

  5. LOL at "I'm so angry I made a sign"! Your university looks a lot more fun than mine!


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