See you in 2012!

 It's almost that time of the year! The end of the year that is. The day when all that has happened is left in the past year and it's time to go onto the next. The night, when for a moment everyone makes new resolutions, some which they may never uphold and some that may change their world. The night where champagne is a staple drink and counting down to midnight happens all over the globe. 

Think about it, everyone counts down to midnight on this one night. This night only is when midnight takes you into a whole new year,not just a new day. So friends, I will be back in the blogging world in 2012! Be sure to check back next year! Until then, here's to a great New Years Eve! May you be able to stay awake to ring in the new year and have the happiest of midnight's!

Favorite event of 2011: Spring Break in Florida with my mom! 
Most looking forward to in 2012: Graduation and seeing whats next in life :)

What was your favorite 2011 memory and what are you most
 looking forward to in the year ahead?


  1. Big things coming next year!



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