Its OK to admit that you...

1. Are the worst speller.

 I need spell check like I need water and air. Maybe I should blame my elementary school teachers? Needless to say the damage is done and I will need spell check for the rest of my life.

2. Like going to bed early

Yes, really. I think I abused my late night privileges as a freshman and all those 3 and 4 am nights just took it out of me. I'm already starting to panic about NYE and have considered the fact I may need an energy drink....or two.

3.You don't like going out

Unlike most 21 year olds who are keen on using their new photo ID's on the weekend, I would much rather avoid the bar and club scene altogether and spend the night at home or doing something more low key.

4. Really do still dance around your bedroom as you get ready

Singing in a hairbrush? only on special occasions. Dancing around to some good music before going out? Quite often.

5. Kept that present you bought for your friend and 
decided you wanted it instead.

 Don't act like you've never done this before.

6. You like free stuff.

Just because you like free stuff it doesn't mean you are cheap. It just means you like free stuff. Those samples in the grocery store or those makeup samples , lets just admit we all love them.

Finish the sentence, Its OK to admit that you.....


  1. ...fix your hair and put on fancy makeup for a dinner date to wendy's:)

  2. by bedtime is 9:15 no kidding. and i wish it were more like 8

  3. Every single one of these apply to me! It really is "okay" :)

    xo Shane

  4. haha i do many of these too. i'm always buying things for friends and then keeping them for myself...or i just buy two of them.

  5. lol i love this post... i admit i have kept a gift for myself when intended to give it to a friend :O lol xx

  6. Ha! I love this because I am definitely guilty of ALL of those things. :) Super cute post!

  7. This is amazing!! I'm in full agreement with #2, #5 and #6!

  8. I am so with you on the early bedtime one! I am going into the city on NYE and my boyfriend called the other day to tell me that "the first train out of the city after midnight isn't until 12:48 am, and he knows that's pretty late for me!" Makes me sound like a grandma! ha!


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