Christmas in a nutshell

Christmas has come and gone once again. How does it always manage to go so fast?! I have to admit I always experience a little post christmas depression but I'm staying busy so I dont experience it. I hope you all had a fabulous christmas and spent special time with friends and family! I myself had lots of friend and family time. Here is a short recap of what the past few days have consisted of.

1.Gingerbread house display in Lahaska Village, PA. 
Adorable shops and eateries to be found everywhere!

2. Driving around with the family seeing christmas lights,here I am
with my little sister in front of a crazy house!

3. Christmas eve church service, then off to spend time with cousins and family!

4. Christmas Day picture me of me and dad, I wore my sisters dress (thanks sis!) and dawned my new tights with a J.Crew necklace. Ultimate comfort for the long day.

5. Day trip Skiing at Mountain Creek with friends! My first real attempt on a mountain,luckily my friends were great (and patient!) and I managed to come back in one piece! Need a good full body workout? I highly suggest skiing or snowboarding

What was your favorite holiday acitvity?


  1. Great photos! Glad you had a fabulous Christmas!

  2. Wow. Skiing at Mountain Creek? Looks like fun. I've only been there in the summer for the water park.

  3. you are BEAUTIFUL! those little gingerbread houses are too cute.

  4. That ginger bread house is soooo cute!! Looks like a great holiday!

  5. hopeu had a great time there - i prefer city hopping ;)

    x the cookies
    have a visit

  6. Such great pictures!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. You and your sister are adorable. Aren't sisters the best?!


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