A Wedding Reception for who?!

Preliminary note: to my best friend who brought this to my attention. I love you but this is too good not to share with the blogging world.

I kid you not .Yesterday I was invited to a wedding reception for Edward and Bella. 
Yes the vampires. 
The fake ones.
 From twilight.
 A wedding reception.
 For fake people.

Some people just have a stronger love for the whole Edward and Bella romance than I do I suppose. But I will not be attending a wedding reception for fake people. Too far people. Too far. I'm sorry if you are an avid fan, or if you're having your own wedding reception. Just my personal opinions here. By all means I hope you have fun.


  1. WOW....really? LOL.

    I'm a fan, but wow...lol

  2. hahah no WAY!! dude go. free food! hah but super weird...
    Lovely Little Rants

  3. Wow really?? Hahahahahha Dang! People reallllly get into it...

  4. WOAH. That's a little much. And I thought the fact that my dear friends wants to go to the movies in her wedding dress was ridiculous! I HAVE been to a Twilight party, when Twilight came out, like a legit party. IT WAS AWESOME.

  5. Haaa!!! That is ridiculous!! I really liked reading the series though the fourth book got far too creepy for me..


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