sweaters & gel nails

Hello Cold weather I was wondering where you were. Geez talk about a change in weather! We went from 70 degrees on Monday to 49 today! Time to bust out the cozy knit sweaters. I have to say I've never worn necklaces with sweaters. I have no idea why but today was my first time. 

And Hello Gel manicures are the best thing since sliced bread! I'm going two weeks strong with my current one  I got done at the salon and I have been searching for the "do it at home" version - gel perfect which I found by a miracle today at Walgreen's. And not to mention they had coupons right in the store so I got a total of $3 off. Total they were about $10 each with coupons, not cheap but a lot cheaper than my $35 a pop gel manicure at the salon. I'll let you know how it goes once I actually use it.


  1. I've heard people talking about the gel nails but I haven't tried them. I guess it's a nail polish sort of thing? Seems like it paints on? Good luck! I'll check back in to see how it turns out. I might try it as well.

  2. They have the real deal shellac mani that you can buy and DIY at home, with the light and all. It's available at ulta I believe :) The light is 25 and the polishes are sold separately.

    You're welcome ! :)


  3. That necklace is so pretty that you could wear it with a garbage bag and it would still look pretty.. I love it!! I am intrigued by these gel nails! Does it mess up your natural nails when it comes off (like getting acrylics?)

  4. What?!?! They sell gel nails at Walgreen's? Please please pleaseeee let us know how they work. I love gels and pay a pretty penny to get them done.

    P.S. LOVE your necklace + sweater combo ;)


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