Oh its thursday.

I cant say much about Thursday. I have a big philosophy test tomorrow. If you ever want to feel dumb, go ahead and take a philosophy class.It will blow your mind.

Yesterday had some fun happening:

1. I did a whole load of wash and half a dry cycle only to realize
 I didn't put any detergent in.
2. My phone apparently butt dialed 911 on accident. They called to see if I was in an emergency. Which made me immediately recall all those childhood teachings about not wasting 911's precious time because someone else could have a real emergency 
3. Watched Water for elephants  with a girlfriend- It is such a great movie. I compare it to the notebook for its great music and i just love movies set in the 20's and 30's. Reese witherspoon is amazing of course and Robert Pattinson is hello gorgeous. In the words of my friend lauren  "It's amazing what a little color will do for you"

I've officially survived a week of gluten free diet! I only cheated once. I'd say that's pretty good. I found some awesome recipes for gluten free food from Chex!  So if your're gluten free too and looking for some yummy recipes check it out!

Depending on how long I stick to a gluten free diet, this may or may not be me.


  1. Great job! Only cheating once! I'm curious about the whole gluten free thing. I'm tempted to try it but feel bad for everyone who will have to deal with me. I get moody when I'm hungry lol.

  2. I loved Water for Elephants!

    I too get VERY mean when I'm hungry. I'm on the HCG diet & would love a piece of cake! Ugh!


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