A love hate relationship with monday

I love monday because...

1. Its my best friends birthday! Yay happy 21 years of life to her! To celebrate I'm cooking some homemade chicken pot pie and we are having a little dinner party for her.
2. Monday means that theres only 4 more days of class until the weekend is here once again
3. It was a gorgeous 68 degrees today. Hello November you do know its supposed to get cold right?

I hate monday becuase...

1. My mom is making me get a flu shot. Thanks mom! I'll be appreciative when I don't get the flu this year but temporarily I'm a smidge mad at the pain ill endure.
2. I happen to be the team leader of a marketing project which is stressing me out! Try having a project all online.no bueno.'
3. The weekend is over
4. I'm only on day 5 of my gluten free diet and everything I cant have is speaking to me to eat it.

Weekend Recap:

  • One of one my best friends got engaged! YAY for her! So excited. I love weddings and there will be plenty of those happening this summer
  • I got my ski lesson yesterday and completely survived and not only survived but i actually did pretty good! I have to say i'm now a fan. I have the ski bug in me and i'm dying to get out there on some real snow this winter! Here are some realllyyy attractive pictures of me in a helmet.(I hate hats,especially helmets)

there I am in the pink looking slightly terrified

who said helmets weren't a fashion statement?

Any ski tips? What did you do this weekend?


  1. Does your shirt say Liberty U? My parents used to work there, we lived in Lynchburg when I was very little!

    PS I'm doing an awesome NYC hair giveaway right now that you should totally enter!!


    And then you can win and add that to your Reasons to Love Monday...you should always have more numbers on that list than on the con list anyways ;)

  2. I love to ski!!! Beautiful scenery and fun. Tips - Dress in layers and stay warm, the key to enjoying a day on the mountain is to have the right clothing. Spend a little extra for good ski clothes. Sunglasses are a must on a "bluebird" day (Bright blue skies), goggles are a must on a snowy day or when the snow machines are kicking in. Keep your eyes open for those other skiers and do not do more of the mountain than you can handle.


  3. how fun!!! i've been skiing since i was 4. i tried snowboarding but its so painful!

  4. Oooo I like skiing but I've only done it 3 or 4 times. You face in the first picture is priceless!!!!

  5. I love skiing! Been doing it since I was 4 but I switch back and forth between skiing and snowboarding.

    Love your pictures! And congrats to your friend! xx


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