Fashionable Men

I must say a guy well dressed grabs my attention. Especially if he looks like he just walked out of a J.crew catalog. Here are a few guys who know how to dress. Men please avoid jorts (jean shorts, cringe) as well as clothing that looks like it hasnt been washed in a few months. Maybe college boys will grow out of these disgusting habits. For now I'm focusing on those who have good fashion sense.

Source: via Tom on Pinterest

Source: via Dimi on Pinterest

I was once told that if your boyfriend doesn't have good style, don't help him out too much. If you ever end up breaking up you got him all good looking for the next girl and did her a favor.
 I'm starting to believe this is good advice.


  1. i think it's all about the hair too! and yes about jorts. goodness knows. nobody wants to see that.

  2. LOL at the advice, it made me laugh for some reason, but was kind of sad too. :P

  3. woof. I think number 3 is my fav...but number 1, so classy!!

  4. Yowzas these are some hot boys :)

    Good theory!!


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