The world of Rachel Zoe

For those of you fellow Rachel Zoe lovers I'm sure you're just as upset as I am that the season is over. However, last nights episode was amazing and not to mention that I love Jeremiah hes just adorable . She is seriously my fashion idol. I wish I could wear what she does and get away with it. Better yet raid her closet. She accessorizes to the max and still looks amazing. Her baby is going to be the best dressed kid on the block.

hello fabulous pregnant woman


  1. I could see you in all those outfits Emily!! Minus the baby at this point, wait until your married!!

  2. I love her.

    And girl, you could rock whatever you want. You just have to convince yourself first ;)

  3. I heart Rachel Zoe. It would be a dream to meet her in real life one day.


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