This Jersey Girls Got Some Country in her

Happy Monday All! 

Oh Monday such a love hate relationship we have. 
I hate you because the weekend is over. 
I love you because I am one more day closer to another weekend.

Weekend recap I took a road trip to NC for a Luke Bryan Concert! I had been dying to go and who doesn't love a road trip complete with hotel stay. Hello king bed.

he appeared out of nowhere..i freaked out just a tad

Hello pinch me he came so close.

and yes ladies he is just as good looking in person.

How about you, any fun weekend happenings? 

PS. am I the only one missing out on fall weather?! 77 degrees no thank you


  1. I LOVE country concerts! They are the best! Happy you had a great weekend...and happy Monday! Hope it goes by fast :)

  2. JEALOUS!! I love Luke Bryan and bet his concert's are amazing especially in your vip floor seating! :)


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