Knee Socks , Muffins & Pumpkins

It was a great (cold) weekend if I do say so myself. Baking Pumpkin Apple muffins (Yumm), eating tons of chicken and asparagus( my favorite as of late) along with snuggling in my leggings and knee socks(yes, by myself no need to worry madre). Good times with great girlfriends, carving pumpkins and watching the best holiday movie ever (no pun intended), The Holiday.

Recipe can be found here. at the little things we do blog

My obsession with asparagus and chicken

My super great pumpkin carving skills , Kermit the Frog.

My friends fancy doily pattern pumpkin!


  1. awwww kermit the pumpkin frog looks adorable! and i love that fancy doily pattern on the pumpkin. Have a Happy Halloween

  2. sounds like such a relaxing weekend! I think my favorite parts are the muffins and the leggings :)

  3. Your Kermit pumpkin is so cute! And I agree about The Holiday. Best holiday movie evvv.

  4. I love the doily pumpkin, and your cupcake apron! :)


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