How to Enjoy your Workout

4 Obvious, but true tips on how to enjoy working out
                                                   Source: via Emily on Pinterest

1. Find a workout that you enjoy doing
Do you love being outside? Try riding a bike, walking or running
Do you love dancing? Try Zumba or a Caribbean dance class
Do you like relaxation? Check out Pilates, yoga or hot yoga
Want to kick some butt? Why not try a kickboxing or
 high intensity aerobic workout

Want to be around people? Join a gym or a workout class

2. Partner up with a friend
 You're more likely to enjoy working out when you have a friend by 
your side and you are more likely to stick with it when you have accountability

3. Looking the part
Who said workout clothes need to be sweats and t shirts? Go buy 
some cute clothes! My pink Pumas and Nike shorts are my go to gym outfits. 
Buy some cute stretch headbands and brightly colored workout gear. 
If you look the part, you'll feel the part! Grab a cute iPod arm band while your at it! 
Like Nike says, "Just do it"

4. Get the right music to pump you up
Now I don't know about you but I cant say that Dave Barnes or Colbie Caliet has 
ever put me in a workout mode, love them both but its not my kind of gym music. 
Here are a few of my personal favorites

1. Chris Brown - Yeah 3X
2. Rhianna- We found love
3.Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat
4.Cobra Starship - You make me feel...

Remember you are doing it for yourself- no one else


  1. Great song choices! Good music is a must to get me going! The thing that motivates me most is the feeling of accomplishment when you're done.
    Hope you're having a great week!
    xo Steph

  2. I swear by good workout clothes. They make a hard workout seem so much more fun and tolerable!

  3. This post is excellent! It is so true and super motivating :) Love your music choice because I love every. single. song. We should be real life friends if we weren't across the country from each other ;)

  4. Thanks for the motivation!! I'm trying to get back into doing more cartio!


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