Home how i've missed you

Like the little face lift this blog got? My wonderful and talented best friend designed it for me! If you are in need of a little face lift yourself let me know and I will connect you two! 

Oh yeah and I'm HOME booyah. I am one happy girl! Nothing like mom and grandmas home cooking!

Source: houzz.com via Melody on Pinterest

not my home but its a pretty one


  1. Love the new look! And isn't it so nice being home? Nothing like your own bed to sleep in! Enjoy your weekend :) xoxo

  2. that home is absolutely stunning. love the fall colors and the perfect porch! nothing like being home and having good home meals!!
    xo TJ

  3. Love your new blog theme, and that house! Wow!

  4. Came across your blog and I think it's adorable! My very talented best friend just redesigned my blog too!

    I went home over the weekend for the first time in a while and isn't it so nice to have home cooked meals and family time?!

    I'm now your newest follower and looking forward to your future adventures! xo Steph

  5. it looks so good!!! i love the header.

  6. Going home from school was the best feeling around! I still wish I could get that feeling back after being graduated for almost 3 years {eeks!}

    LOVING the blog's new look! Adorable!! xx


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