When all else fails pin away.

I'll be the first to admit it. I'm addicted to Pinterest. Nothing on tv? get on Pinterest. Cant sleep at midnight? Get on Pinterst. Needing to study for 3 tests. Let's procrastinate and get on Pinterest. So here are my few favorites of the day.

Source: inslee.net via Emily on Pinterest

Do what makes you happy.

Source: etsy.com via Emily on Pinterest

Best idea ever. Lets save the earth with reusable coffee collars.

Source: None via Emily on Pinterest

Because this is just awesome.

I cant help it but my mouth waters everytime I see this.


  1. As if I wasn't wasting enough time on blogs, I had to find and lose countless hours on Pinterest. LOVE that site! This choc/peanut butter situation looks amazing!

  2. i too have an obsession with pintrest.

    it makes my hours full of happy things. <3

  3. I love Pinterest! I just did a Pinterest post myself. It is so addicting!!


  4. i'm SO obsessed too - and I use it at all those times you mentioned. haha The Darthvader one is hilarious.. I love it!


  5. So, I have one. But, I suck at it! Explain how it works to me!! I want to be cool too!

  6. I'm the same way with pinterest. It's like my go to safety net for boredom.

    Cute blog! :)

  7. Okay...what IS that delicious looking dessert? It looks amazing and I must get one. Now.

  8. oh my gosh pinterest is the biggest time consumer ever!


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