Welcome September and random ramblings

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1. Went to Starbucks for a skinny chai latte today and although it was still 85 outside and I was sweating while drinking it, I still slightly enjoyed it. But I'm looking forward to the days when I actually can drink my chai without sweating

2. How annoying is it that I cant leave my curtains open because the creeper little boy next door thinks it funny to look at me through his window. Mind you he is about 6 but who cares.

3. I made these cookies and they ended up tasting like chocolate chip pancakes...interesting

4. I'm going horseback riding this weekend and I just know its going to be absolutely gorgeous and I will have pictures to show for it

5. New favorite song " Breathless" By Alex Goot. amazing

6. The random cat footprints on the hood of my car. Dear cat- I would seriously appreciate if you didn't mess up my newly washed car. Get the heck off.

7. Welcome September- where did summer go?? But I'm ready to be able to step outside and take a big deep breath of that fresh crisp air that smells like leaves. Bring on the pumpkins and gorgeous leaves


  1. This is too funny! #1 made me laugh because I did the same thing this week, and got a White Mocha from starbucks! It was so hot, and I even think I felt a little sick after, but I wanted it to feel like Fall so bad!

    Happy September to you :)

  2. Item #2, very creepy, where is this child's mother?
    Item #4 - can't wait to see the pics
    Item #7 - my favorite season!

  3. found my way to your little corner from "the whim wham life," and now i love you. it's official.

    also, i have now found Alex Goot through you. another reason to love you. <3

  4. I'm seriously so ready for fall. No more heat, please!!


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