Not just a teacup.

This is not just a teacup.

This is the teacup that my sister gave me on my 21st birthday.

The teacup which I drank mint hot chocolate in.

The teacup that I drank from when I had the worst cramps ever.

The teacup which I escaped reality into.

The teacup which I allowed myself to, for a moment, think of Christmas and winter. Because that of course is when one drinks hot chocolate.

The tea cup which will always remind me of my sister.

The thoughtful, creative, funny person that she is.

The tea cup which will make me wish I was home.

No this is not just a teacup.

But a cup full of memories,love and deep thoughts.

There is no telling where this teacup will take me in the future.

I'm almost positive it will assist me during some of my biggest life moments.

I know deep thoughts will be thought with this teacup in hand.

Maybe I'll even figure out what the next step in life is.

Where my teacup will take me. I can only imagine.


Where does your teacup take you?


  1. I'm not too sure!

    This sounds like one amazing teacup!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. awww this is so sweet :) I don't have a special teacup, but my wine glass could tell you a thing or two! lol :)

    Come Visit Soon!


  3. what a fabulous post--I have so many things which can transport me to another place, though no tea cups ;) my pillow is the one I've had since I was 2, so it's seen a lot of sleepless and teary nights over the years! now, it's the place where I can finally relax and I love it! hope you've had a great weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  4. I got a teacup for my 21st birthday too, come to think of it! Though I hardly ever use it, since I don't want it to get chipped.

  5. this would be a great Microscope Heart submission on Vintch:)
    Very well written, too.


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